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We Make House Calls!

Navitus Massage & Wellness believes Massage Therapy plays an important role in the overall health and well-being of our clients. We understand that it may not be easy for some clients to come to our studio for an appointment, so we make house calls! We develop individual treatment plans for each client, addressing their specific needs and goals. Massage therapy is proven to relieve pain, decreasing the need for pain medication. It may also provide overall relaxation, remove or reduce anxiety and depression, and may temporarily reduce blood pressure, blood sugar and heart rate. It can also improve quality of sleep, increase circulation in the lymphatic and venous systems, release endorphins, and identify, reduce and prevent scar tissue. Massage therapy improves mobility and range of motion while reducing muscle tension.

We believe the benefits of massage therapy are particularly valuable to our adaptive needs and elderly clients. Additionally, more and more physicians and nurse practitioners are seeing the benefits of massage therapy and are therefore prescribing it to their patients as a means of improving quality of life. We work closely with healthcare providers to ensure safe, individualized treatment plans are developed and implemented.

~ Home Care Massage for Individuals with Disabilities

Patients that suffer from traumatic brain injury enjoy not only the benefit of overall relaxation, but relief from chronic headache. For patients with spinal cord injuries, massage therapy focuses on locating and reducing or removing myofascial restrictions from an accident impact or immobility associated with recovery.

Massage therapy can help create functional scarring, relieving the pain associated with scar tissue. Soft tissue work can reduce and sometimes eliminate chronic pain and can help increase mobility and overall range of motion. For paraplegic or quadriplegic patients, additional benefits are available from massage therapy. Soft tissue work on the affected limbs can significantly improve lymphatic and venous circulation, while reducing hypercontraction of muscles, reduced blood supply, and muscle spasms. Range of motion can be increased and problems with posture relieved. Core work on the chest and abdomen can aid digestive processes and improve respiratory capacity. Muscle fatigue and hypertonicity can be addressed and relieved in extremities.

~ Home Care Massage for Seniors

Massage therapy can greatly improve the physical and emotional well-being of the elderly. Seniors have special physical needs. Their physical activity is typically low, and they may, as a result, experience low or poor blood circulation. Preventive massage therapy can minimize this and have an energizing effect. We can provide seniors relief from chronic pain and a variety of diseases that limit circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid, including arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and Parkinson's.

Massage therapy can improve the emotional health of seniors. Studies have shown that regular massage has marked psychological benefits for the elderly because human contact and touch can reduce feelings of stress and isolation. In particular, massage therapy can greatly improvethe mental agitation and anxiety of patients with dementia, who respond well to tender touch massages and close human contact.